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Welcome to your digital hub for continuing education. Through this portal, you and your team have access to industry webinars virtual training courses and other educational resources specifically designed for healthcare safety improvement.

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This portal is powered by the Center for Healthcare Enterprise Risk (CHER). As the educational division of LHA Trust Funds, CHER caters to all aspects of healthcare safety and advancement by helping our members meet the educational needs of their staff. From online resources and CMEs to on-site training sessions and more, learn how CHER can further enhance your workplace.

About LHA Trust Funds

For more than 45 years, the Louisiana Hospital Association (LHA) Trust Funds has provided professional liability, general liability, and workers' compensation coverage and proactive enterprise risk services to hospitals, healthcare facilities and physician practices across the state. Our goal is simple — to build strong relationships with our members by delivering unrivaled healthcare safety and risk management programs that elevate the patient and provider experience.

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